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Ibex Computers Inc., was founded in 1998. Ibex PC specializes in the sale of customized computer systems as well as parts, and accessories, via the web to a national clientelle. We also provide used systems, PC-related services, and repair.

Ibex PC prides itself on the high quality products & service it offers its clients at record prices. The Ibex business model is simple: minimize profit, and maximize clientelle. The result is good business for us, and great savings & quality systems for our customers.

Though our prices remain unbeatable, the quality of the items purchased from Ibex, and the customer service we offer, are no less than what you would expect from a top notch brand. From the now famous "Ibex Packaging" that has delighted customers continuously calling us with compliments and even jokes, to good machine performance. Our repair rate is less than 1%, meaning over 99% of our systems never come back to us for repair or servicing. We make it our goal to be the best in our field.

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